Pitchers & Catchers

As in beisbol, in your team you can have good pitchers and good catchers.

In this case I define a pitcher as the person with a high proactive attitude who follows the team to perform the activities and that creates the next pack of activities to allow the team working on the next step. They are good motivating, creating and providing new vision to the rest of the team. Throwing, throwing and throwing balls, good balls!

On the other hand, catchers are people who are good receivers of pressure and large amounts of workload. They are good prioritizing activities, staying calm, working under stress.

As in sports where different positions are needed, in project teams it’s good to have people who can play different roles quite naturally.

It’s important to understand it, due to you can have a good catcher playing as a pitcher and you can think, “…he was very good!!!…why he’s now doing bad!…” In this case the wrong decision has been done by the coacher: that player is on the wrong position. There is not just skills, capabilities and background, there are attitudes towards the work you have in front of you.

Have a good day!

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