Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action

Almost 18 minutes of concentrated messages, very interesting about how we behave, act, feel and think. For my memories.

  • People buy from people who believe in the same things.
  • People buy based on beliefs, not facts; they use the facts to support their beliefs.
  • People buy the “why”, not the “what”.

In the context of offerings,

An offering by itself does not have value. The implementation of an offering has value if it resolves a customer problem. The customer has to believe that the proposal you are offering to him/her is the best approach to resolve their problem.

In this context and linked with the content of the video:

  • Big changes in your client’s industry  →   Why
  • Big objectives of your client’s Company →   How
  • Ways you can help your client’s business improve →  What

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