Xerox DocuShare

Learning about this product,

DocuShare is a content management system developed by Xerox Corporation. DocuShare makes use of open standards and allows for managing content, integrating it with other business systems, and developing customized and packaged software applications.

The DocuShare Content Management Platform includes three products:

  1. DocuShare Express delivers content management tailored to SMBs, for managing digital documents and converting paper content to digital.
  2. DocuShare provides document management, collaboration, image capture, and Web publishing capabilities to support information sharing in an enterprise or department.
  3. DocuShare CPX meets enterprise content management (ECM) requirements for records management, sophisticated team collaboration, and automated business applications.

Developer tools: DocuShare Developer Environment – A J2EE SDK for integrating DocuShare with other business systems, and building content-centric applications.

Solutions: DocuShare Virtual Filing System – Combines software, hardware, and consulting services to convert paper-based filing into a digital content management system.

Hosted solutions: DocuShare is also available as a hosted offering by Xerox’s outsourced services business.

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