Customer satisfaction, some factors

This exercise is so generic and just try to think a little bit about it. For sure it depends on so many variables: product, service, industry, target users…

Ok, let’s try it, where does customer satisfaction comes from? Mainly it comes from:

  • Performance
  • Optics
  • Results

The relevance and the way it’s seen each one of these aspects is different.
First feedbacks usually comes from optics aspects. For the other 2 sometimes it takes more time to receive feedback (depends on product/service complexity).
For complex systems the results usually takes too long to be understood by the majority of the users.
For old services/products, that are typically working fine, provoking no noise and providing a good value, the results and the performance are much appreciated.

They feel these products/services as a part of themselves and no firelights are required.

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