How can I execute this project?

We have won a service contract that includes the execution of two projects: one for the transition of the service to the new organization and the second one to adapt the current environment to some new laws.

For the first one, initially there are not big risks that can decrease the SLA during the transition. We know how to do it and we are comfortable with the internal recruitment we did.

The second project is another story.

This project has budget, business objectives and deliver date, that’s all. Project Statement of work?? business analysis??

Ok, no problem, really what we need to do is study what we really need to change on the procedures and applications to be compliant, all while we know their business processes.

The first step the service manager has requested us is a resource to start with the objective mentioned above.

Weekly meetings with other members of the service, that know the difficult approach of this project, will help with the knowledge of the processes and environments.

Once we start to know what changes are necessary, we will start to implement these via the operational service support: they will know the business processes and work with their change management processes.

This approach has been accepted by the client with the use of an staff augmentation strategy in the service, measuring of the effort for each change and reviewing the project objectives and the evolution of the deployment, plus another minor agreements.

Convince them about the benefits of this approach has not been difficult because they know the difficult of these changes into different business units:

“…so many stakeholders and people refusing the changes to get another benefits with the appearance of this project…”

The use of different approaches enclosed of a risk study was enough. We are also happy with the election of the client’s PM, he is the internal security auditor and know the company, the processes, the people and his reputation will help in our approach.

Not everything were good news, we have spent so much time to get the approval of this project plan and a compression of the plan is going to be necessary. But before to do it we want to see the speed of execution we can have.

Definitely, this plan is going to be reviewed necessarily and this decision is part of the approach and of the plan itself.

Someone can say this plan is not so much convincing but I cannot predict or define more in this moment.

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