Google, making search more secure

This official announcement, talks about the fact that the default search experience for signed-in users will be delivered under SSL.

What is the impact? People working on their web sites use to utilize this data to optimize their sites; with this move this data will not be available for them (as the majority search with their google user). The searches done without a logged in user will be visible.

What is going to be the next step?

  • Is Google going to sell this data through Google analytics?´I guess so
  • Is google to reserve the confidentiality of the searches done by its users? I guess no.

Information is value and it means money, in this case for Google.

Google continues writing rules (because they can do it) and by the moment as soon as almost all people uses their services (initially by a cheap price), they have the right to obtain a return of their investment.

You can accept it or try to play to other game.

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