Mobility cannot be sold as stand alone solution

Mobile applications for corporations is a complex business. The decisions are being taken into so much perspectives and the situation of each company also has a big influence on it. The real question is not how to sell mobile solutions, the right question is how mobile solutions are purchased. Connectivity and web access, some years … Read more

Drupal, some links and pictures

Just some notes/links about this CMS. Acquia is the main company providing end to end support of Drupal. The small business and web community always compares Drupal with WordPress, but their focus is Web Content Management for companies. Strengths: Content Management Framework (CMF), not just a CMS. Security. Scalability. Weaknesses: It’s a frameworks for programmers, … Read more

Predictably irracional

This is one book to read in some months, chapter by chapter, think on each one of the things that analyze on our behaviors. The more funny thing is to observe his experiments on your life when you are going out with friends or other situations suggested by him. I liked the Dan’s direct style … Read more