Feedback Questionaire

I’m taking some holidays in Vietnam, doing a lot of kilometers during the few days I have.

This country save a lot of traditions of their ancestors and some other things are more evolutioned than you can expect.

One of the days we did a day trip to a place named “Perfume Pagoda”, you can look for some photos in the Internet, they are great.

When we were coming back to Hanoi, the guide gave out some papers to the people in the mini-bus. Almost everybody was from Germany, some others from Australia and us from Spain.

The people was surprised when they read the paper, it was a feedback form to measure the client satisfaction of the service we hired.

  • How is the driver,
  • How is the level of english of the guide,
  • How is the knowledge of the guide,
  • How is the status of the car

It’s a pleasure to see that here there is already these kind of quality tools in some of the services provided to the tourists. Nevertheless the tourism is one of the most important industries in this country.

With respect the rest of the trip, I’m having a very good experience, the people is so friendly.

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