Who is behind the project?

I work planning the future all the time, not only when I’m working on a project, I love to trace the vision about the reactions of a client, how the people feel in the team, how people are tracing their proffesional careers.

I suppose that almost everybody in these kind of positions do it.

Sometimes this effort has caused some pitfalls, but generally it has been a very productive exercise and I really think that this is the right way to trace a strategy around some issue, taking always into account that you only have to dedicate the right time to these thoughts and working on facts.

This perspective of future makes me think about how I want that some things happen. With it, I prepare the conditions for doing that something happens it’s also a known tool that makes things happen in a “natural” way.

You can think “it’s called manipulation”. No this is not my style, you can get some quick wins doing it, but people is not stupid and finally they will see what you are doing.

In addition the revision of the corporate ethics is so important, they are the basic game rules.

So finally, I see me as a film director that have the film on his mind and have to record the planned scenes, nevertheless the producer will ask about it, he has to handle actor’s whims, control the cost of the ‘action scenes’…. so he cannot have all the film in his mind, but key scenes should.

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