Year 7, Q1 Continue learning Estuarine Mapping

For this quarter I am going to continue investing time on Estuarine Mapping.

The plan

So the V2MOM for this quarter will be:

  • Vision: Continue learning about Estuarine Mapping.
  • Values: Learn from the reading, courses and the celebrated workshops. Increase the audience of Mapas…
  • Method: Build a set of courses options.
    • Attend sessions of training.
    • Read,
    • Organize, prepare and celebrate workshops.
  • Obstacles:
    • Time and fatigue.
  • Measures:
    • At least 2 books read.
    • At least 2 events attended around Estuarine or Cynefin.
    • At least 3 workshops done around Mapas (1 by month).

Death line = 31/March/2023

The results (April 2024)

  • To be completed

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