Year 6, Q1 The altMBA

This 2022 have been full of Wardley Mapping learning. 2 updates to the book and many readings around strategy and execution.

This 2023 I will start doing a 5 weeks course called altMBA.

In addition to this, I will focus on the organization of the event Wardley Maps for Business. My focus on this event will be project/program execution and competitive analysis.

The plan

So the V2MOM for this quarter will be:

  • Vision: Go deep through the different activities proposed by the training sessions.
  • Values: Engage with the people, gain a different perspective from how others deal with engagement, execution…
  • Method: Through the altMBA course.
    • Learn from others about how dynamics work.
    • Learn the theory / practices done.
    • Be curious about how the professional approach on decisions and the discussions are done.
  • Obstacles:
    • Time, fatigue.
  • Measures:
    • Complete the books proposed by the course.
    • Complete the course.
    • Organize and attend the event “Wardley Maps for Business“.

Death line = 31/March/2023

The results (April 2023)

  • altMBA done, with a practical sessions and exercises shipped.
  • I did not read the books.
  • Read “The Machine Stops“.
  • Participate on AI research study.
  • I have created a “hello World” on Vercel in Python. This has enabled me to understand the process of moving code and deploy it on production.

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