Year 6, Q3 Agent-Based Modeling

This quarter I want to focus on the evolution of the course “Acelera tu aprendizaje”.

This course started in 2022 teaching during 2 sessions during 2 hours each, with some videos and an exercise between sessions.

This format has been tested and has good things and bad things. In December I was thinking about the things that I should change and I think now it’s the time to do it.

There’s a lot of learning on this evolution as I plan to offer the theory in videos and I would like to find the right combination of exercises, theory and interaction with the people engaged on the course.

The plan

So the V2MOM for this quarter will be:

  • Vision: Learn the basis of Agent-Based Modeling.
  • Values: Build new knowledge.
  • Method: Attend a course with tools and interaction with others.
    • Introduction to Agent-Based Modeling (link).
  • Obstacles:
    • Time.
  • Measures:
    • Course completed.

Death line = 30/September/2023

The results (October 2023)

  • Course completed.

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