Learned lessons about evolution of IT solutions for Human Resources

The revolution of IT on HR continuous, and there are a lot of changes being implemented to transform the HR services to achieve HR and corporate goals: more efficiency, better rewards, talent management….

Some o the main things I have learned during the last 24 months related to HR services can be summarized on these 3 points.

1.- The country that protects more the personnel data from their employees is Germany. The take this very seriously and the penalties for the companies and legal representatives are big. If you work in Germany, you can feel safe with respect what your company is doing with your personal data.

2.- New software generation is making possible that specific HR personnel will not participate on HR processes anymore. The HR solutions directly involve the personal of the company to complete some HR processes. I hope that in the universities there is a class to teach the people how to manage talent, how to manage teams and some basis about HR processes. When I started to work HR did almost everything, now the situation is so much different.

3.- Some years ago payroll and time management were the core of the HR processes. Nowadays, they continue being a key asset, but they are so mature processes and companies look for savings on these processes.

What are then the processes that provides value to HR services? Talent management. You can see companies/solution such Workday, TalentSoft, SuccessFactors that are building their solutions on organizational management, change management, talent management processes. Payroll and T&M are second priority.

A company doing something different is Northgate Arinso. Apart of their offering, NGA has specialized on Payroll processes offering connectors to other platforms (SAP HCM, Workday…).


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