SAP Landscape Transformation

I have assisted to a couple of sessions on SAP Landscape Transformation training, for the HCM split we have to perform.

During the system split, we will migrate parts of the SAP HCM data of a system into a new system. After the conversion, the new system only contains the migrated SAP HCM data.

Some basic concepts I have learned:

  • Project, it is entity that composes the actions you want to transform. It is composed by packages.
  • Phase: a project is composed by phases. For instance: development, UAT and production.
  • Packages, it is a set of actions that provides a partial transformation part of the project.
  • Project template: it is a set of predefined actions that you can build in a sequence. You can use this template to create different projects.
  • Task: it is linked to a phase of the project.
  • RFC entity: you can define all the components of a Remote Function Call between systems.
  • Sender: SAP environment where the data comes from.
  • Receiver: SAP environment where the data goes to
  • Control: SAP SolMan.
  • Central: An environment in the middle to enable transfer from Sender to Receiver. In so many occasions Central and Control are the same environment. Only when the performance is low the recommendation is to have separate environments.

There is a Process monitor for each package. This monitoring is split in:

  • Package settings
  • Prepare HCM transfer
  • HCM Transfer
  • Upgrade
  • Final post processing activities

Each one of these areas is composed by a set of configuration activities.


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