Simatic IT, Intelligence suite

The main components the users can work with are: scorecards and dashboards.

You can:

  • Create/manage your own scorecards, save them, share them.
  • Create/manage dashboards adding/removing scorecards.
  • As you classify the equipment by different layers, you can build scorecards at different levels.
  • Measure Operating Equipment Effectiveness (OEE% =availability% x performance% x quality%).
  • Monitor downtime.
  • Monitor electricity consumption.
  • Build scorecards based on predefined and specific KPIs: production, assets , resources utilization…

Typical target users:

  • Line operator: see production line, check different points of inspection, fill-in downtime reasons, etc.
  • Supervisor: Gantt viewer to analyze the downtime, compare results of different equipment, etc.
  • Management & Executive.

To implement extended reports to Simatic IT Intelligence Suite, you have to take into account you can retrieve the information from Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SISS).

(Example of scorecard, showing 3rd level equipment by month, and showing availability, performance, and quality)

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