Herberts coating trades

I was writing about Herberts coatings in the past, and news I got during these days made me to pay attention of the story of owners of Herberts coatings.herberts

I have listed the data by event, so you can see how Herberts is changing of owner for time to time.

This is the sequence of events:

1.- Otto Louis Herberts founded Herberts in 1866.

2.- DuPont bought Herberts to KKR in 1998, for 1,89 billion $, it is part of DuPont´s portfolio under the name: DuPont Performance Coatings. DuPont integrated Herberts into their holistic organization, providing a broader channel for selling and distribution channels. In addition they can access to titanium dioxide, a core element of the coatings.

3.- Carlyle bought Herberts to DuPont in 2012, for 4,9 billion $, it is part of Carlyle’s portfolio under the name: Axalta. Carlyle thought Herberts was able to operate with better results alone, reducing the whole of amount of operational expenses charged by central services.

4.- Akzo Nobel interested to buy Herberts in 2014, for 7 billion $.

5.- Berkshire Hathaway buys 20 million shares of Axalta from Carlyle Group for $560 million, or $28 per share.

The story has not ended,

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