Secure Telephony

BlackPhone is a smartphone designed from the bottom up, specifically for privacy.

I see some reasons about why this will become a trend.

  • People taking more care about their privacy.
  • Companies trying to preserve IP, and commercial activities.

The use of platforms as Whatsapp or the use of social networks, continue increasing, and there are already people that is having personal or professional issues.

This is the point where people will stop and say, I need to do something.

It is the same reason that made some years ago that SSL would be widely used, and it will be the same cycle that will affect to all the “things” connected to the net. The internet of the things should be named “the internet of the unsecured things”.

Think about webcams, routers… and now see what Shodan can do:

For me security on phones, things or whatever you can connect to the net is only a question of time.

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