Funny e-mail wars

People behavior is something that is usually reflected on e-mails and if you know the people behind the e-mails you can know a lot of things between the lines.

The funny situation is when someone is asking to other something without knowing him/her. And then the disconnection starts. This week I saw it and it returned to be a funny story.

One guy sent a note to other asking for something, without knowing the receiver is a detail geek. The answer was something as “I need more details for each one of the things you are requesting to me”. The request was simple and complex at the same time, it was true that if you do not know the environment the way to perform it was not easy.

The requester replied with sections, from 1 to 7 points, but it was not well detailed so the answer was specific clarifications for each one of the 7 points. For sure at this point the e-mail ping-pong game started to be ridiculous.

The ping-pong game took 2 e-mails more and finally the receiver decided to make a call. In a 5 minutes call, all was clear, and the 7 points were done.

We live in rush professional lives and everything happens so quick. But reading these e-mail ping-pong games, sometimes I just can smile.

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