Team changes, why?

I’m facing a weird situation where a team member is going to be replaced by other person.

I’m happy with the employee, the employee is happy with the position… so what’s wrong?

The line manager is not good and does not have the enough maturity to understand the things we perform for our customer and the added value of the employee in front of the customer.

It takes at least 6 month to 1 year to enable that a position like that will be replaced with a good level of productivity, and it is not because complexity of the environment or the services, but by the relationship that this person has to create with the different customers. The person to be replaced has been on board for 18 months, and I have to say that s/he was fully productive after 10 months.

Working with people who report to me, I evaluate how it’s going on measuring the nature and amount of affairs I have to push to the other and how they turn into autonomy and proactive actions from the other side. The right level for me is: just escalation of real service support issues, enable proactive actions on the services, and ability to look for new business.

Changes is the only constant in our life, but some of them are not fair or come at the right moment.

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