Offside rule Vs. out/in scope

If you know soccer rules, you know how clear is the “offside” rule but how difficult is to apply it.

As summary, this rule tries to be a component that helps to the defense just to cover a limit part of the field and in consequence avoid the big advantage of the attackers if the defense has to cover the whole field.

In projects, this rule is well defined if your project definition contains the enough levels of details. This point is key because to apply it makes you to be involved in different discussions where interpretations takes place, so define it well and you will avoid silly discussions.

On the other hand, if a referee lets the attackers to play offside so much times, he will have a problem once he would like to apply the offside rule.

He will receive a lot of complaints. Attackers will push the referee with phrases like: “…why are you sanctioning us now? … we were able to play in this way before?… what changed?…”

So you need to work the communications and align all the people in the same path from the beginning.

I did this picture to play with it an gain understanding from people: it works.

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