How the presentation was?

Today I have assisted to a typical lesson learned that you can read in thousand books.

The agenda of the meeting was the presentation of 2 technical solutions for a given business process.

The workbench meetings with the client when the solutions were being worked given us some information about what was the preferences of the different stakeholders with respect the 2 alternatives.

One of them was properly worked but the other was a little bit favourite.

Today, when both solutions were presented, the initially favourite solution was presented by a horrible speaker, without a good speech, with lack of information and reading directly the slides.

The second one was presented by a speaker who maintained the attention of the listeners since the first second till the end, getting interaction with them, provoking questions with his slides that got the attention of the people and making these 20 minutes a very good investment for the listeners. He finished with a good summary of the concepts he wanted remark and that’s all.

Now the stakeholders who didn’t work with the solution in deep have an opposite opinion to the ones who were working with the solutions.

Consequence: the decision making process will take more time. Bad goods for me…

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