Exploring outside the Wardley Map space

Background and purpose

The space of a Wardley Map is the competitive market.

Simon divides this space in 4 stages, and he always comment how the definition took him around 6 months of work and thousand of data points.

When Simon is asked about what is outside of a Wardley Map he just says there are 2 spaces:

  • Social good (Carlston space).
  • Public or common good (Bouhenguel space).

These spaces have not been studied (as far as I know), it’s considered terra incognita. So at this stage there are many questions about them:

  • What are the characteristics of a component on these spaces?
  • How can one component get into and get out of these spaces?
  • have these spaces their own stages?
  • How are the dynamics of the components into these spaces?
  • Etc.

The purpose

The purpose of this article is to explore outside of the competitive space.

If you are interested on this exploration, let me know.

The example of Open Source

Open source in the software environment is a good example of common good.

There are many type of Open Source licenses and type of organizations. The one I have added on the map above is the one that have 2 type of Legal Entities:

  • One is a non-profit organization that owns the legal rights and preserves the evolution of the software.
  • The other is the commercial entity that offer different type of services, is typically the organization that mainly supports the non-profit organization.

Health systems

In many countries, the health system was something that have been public for some decades. For instance, in Spain, during the last decade, the private systems have grown up a lot by many reasons:

  • They offer some extra services not covered by the public system,
  • They are being subcontracted by the public system.
  • The offer similar services but with more availability, quality…

I do not wanna turn this into a political discussion, just to reflect on a map what I see. And this is what I see:

Olympic games

I have written about the evolution of Olympic Games in this other article. Using the memories I have and explaining how the Olympic Games turned from being a national event to become a commercial event.

One of the maps of that article is this one:

Social networks & users

In the current status-quo of social networks where competition is fierce and data protection is almost null. I dream with the ability of governments to have the ability to turn these spaces in public spaces. Probably the only country is the world able to do it is China.

By the moment, imho, we are basically the product in the social media space.

To be continued…

2 thoughts on “Exploring outside the Wardley Map space”

  1. Interesting, and necessary. Found this on Discord Wardley. Can you put links to Carlston and Bouhenguel space? What do they imply?

    • Hello Conor,

      related to your 2 questions:
      1.- Can you put links to Carlston and Bouhenguel space?
      If you refer to links to documentation created by Simon, the answer is there is not formal documentation and what I found comes basically from Twitter posts created by Simon.

      What do they imply?
      The existence of these 2 spaces recognizes something basic, and it’s that competitive space is not the only space in society.

      I hope it helps,


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