Coursera, new way to access to education

Education is changing, the way to obtain knowledge and access to courses continue changing very quickly.

In my company I have access to a complete set of web courses and virtual sessions where different topics are reviewed and you can follow training programs composed by different courses. I enroll these courses and they provide me very specific knowledge related to methodologies and areas from my work.

Then I found Coursera, a place that goes beyond and where the interaction with the courses are more close to the content and to the teachers.

I enrolled on 2006 an on-line course similar to this. During those days all content was through read and tests and a chat with the teachers. The advance now is the addition of the video to the classes and the way the teacher track the evolution of each student.

I have enrolled Think Again: How to Reason and argue. It will be 12 weeks course. Let’s see how it works.

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