Who is Who?

I work in a place where there are so much people working with different projects technologies, industries…

I would like to focus on 2 guys.

Both implement solutions with a well known platforms.

  • One of them is always advancing with respect the project plan, the other is always delay.
  • One of them does not invest any time on maintenance of the production place, the other typically invest 2 days after a wave on support activities.
  • One implements based in a clear object-based model with a clear MVC, the other implements clicking without know the architecture behind and the platform.
  • One implements independently of the end-user front-end (IE, firefox, mobile…), the other implements just for navigators.
  • One works without paying attention to the server, the other is always looking at the server performance.
  • One has the ability to access to a clear defined log and the other just receives a generic error on the console.

Do you want that I continue?  Just one more:

One implements solutions with SalesForce and the other with Microsoft SharePoint. Just imagine who is who.

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