Linkedin changes

Interesting change of direction given by Linkedin, well the right name now is: LinkedIn Corporation Class A Co. The name is not important, the matter is their change of direction.

This environment started as “the facebook for proffesional relationships” and now the it’s becoming more a place for hunters, HR recruitment…

I imagine they were thinking: in Monster, Infojobs, jobsearch… you usually have the people who is looking for a job; in linkedin we have ALL the people independently of any other circumstance.

I don’t know what they are offering to the HR departments of the big companies:

  • We have added specific skills,- we send you a daily, weekly e-mail with jobs.
  • You, my dear hunter, will have special panels for looking for specialists: BI tools, special search tool.
  • The people of my network will receive daily digests with positions with the same name that they are currently doing.
  • You will be close to them, they can be the “friend”, “connection” or whatever of you: HR hunter of their company competence!

It’s amazing, how they are changing the recruitment business: the old environments have to do something amazing because they are late.

For instance:

Pay preminum seeker service and you will have:

  • View Salary Information
  • Move to the Top of the List
  • Stand Out from the Crowd
  • Contact Hiring Managers
  • You have 1 month trial…

and more…

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