Consulting on a Library, yesterday and today

When I studied, one of the activities to be done was to go to the library for studying, consulting, reading or other staff.

Today there is a lot of study places and libraries that are full of people studying, but for consulting and investigating data the things have changed a lot.

In the old times, the books available were limited to the ones on the library and with a limited number of them. Now with Internet you can access to so much documentation.

In the past to know what was the best book, you could ask other people and try to seek on the books to find if the book was really useful. Now, you can access to feedback of people, summaries done by chapter and other type of information that helps you to understand in a better way if it is the right book. For sure you can also ask.

In the old times, the good books had a big waiting list of people, now you do not need to wait for it.

(Poster seen in Helsinki, Finland)

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