TCO of use of SalesForce

I have so much questions about the SalesForce TCO. I have search about this topic in the internet and there is not so much about it.

The perspective: looking at Portfolio Manager view.

The context. The environment we are talking about is a global organization with multiple business units where each one have different use of the platform. Each application has it’s own business owner, who ideally has to pay for each one of its applications (based in licenses). Common applications as CRM have also a business owner that will pay using the same principles.

The two main scenarios are:

Scenario 1: Building a business case. I have a business case where an application requirements, #users, transactions, expected size of data is defined. I would like to calculate the TCO of such application in different environments. How can I calculate the TCO on SalesForce?

Scenario 2: Real consumption of my platform. I have a portfolio of applications implemented in SalesForce and I receive an invoice. As IT environment, I have not budget, I have to divide that invoice within the different business units consuming the services. How can I calculate the TCO on SalesForce?

Other questions are:

  • Is there any common methodology to calculate the TCO of SalesForce?
  • What are the common parameters used to perform this calculation? Just the #licenses?

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