SalesForce Vs SharePoint

I have personal aversion on SharePoint and special appreciation on SalesForce. Why? I like the things done in the right way. SalesForce has a strong and aggressive “sales force”, and this is something I do not like too much, but they have a very good product. Their platform is built with a clear projection on … Read more

Linkedin for SalesForce

Linkedin for SalesForce, this is other business development activity done between these two companies that have demonstrated how to leverage new niches of collaboration and partnership. SalesForce offers its customers the way to improve their sales, Linkedin offers the access to probably the bigger data warehouse of professional people. Sales people use to have a … Read more

Migrating Lotus Notes Apps on the Cloud with

Here a tutorial video of 16 minutesthat is so helpful to understand this migration process. The steps for moving the application are: Re-create data model Create Forms Move data Create Workflow Create complex business logic For step #3, they propose 3 tools Apex Data Loader (through CVS conversion) Cloud Converter (LN, Access, Oracle) Detachlt (focused … Read more

Who is Who?

I work in a place where there are so much people working with different projects technologies, industries… I would like to focus on 2 guys. Both implement solutions with a well known platforms. One of them is always advancing with respect the project plan, the other is always delay. One of them does not invest … Read more

Behind the Cloud

…The Untold Story of How, nice book for summer time, some of the chapters are really good, specially the ones related to marketing and sales, some other chapters are a little bit boring. What I liked the most has been: V2MOM model to create alignment: Vision, values, method, obstacles, measures. Marketing tactics. Clear vision … Read more