Program benefits management

This performance domain defined in the Standard for Program Management guide is composed by the following sections you can see below: Main concepts reviewed in the guide Through the program delivery, the program components are planned, developed, integrated and managed, to facilitate the delivery of the intended program benefits. Benefits are essential part of program’s … Read more

Program strategy alignment

Program strategy alignment is a program performance domain that is initiated during the program definition phase with the development of the business case, program charter and program roadmap, supported with the inputs from environmental assessments and program risk management strategy. The effort results in the development of a program management plan that is aligned with … Read more

Program Charter

The program charter formally expresses the organization’s vision, mission and benefits expected to be produced by the program. It also defines program-specific goals and objectives in alignment with the organization’s strategic plan and in support of the business case. Key elements of a program charter are scope assumptions constraints high-level risks high-level benefits goals and … Read more

Program business case

A documented economic feasibility study, this is, in a nutshell what a program business case is. The business case is used to establish validity of benefits to be delivered by a program. The business case: Is developed to assess the program’s investment against the intended benefits. Links the organization’s strategic plan and the program management, … Read more

Program Management Performance Domains

Program Management Performance Domains are complementary groupings of related areas of activity or function that uniquely characterize and differentiate the activities found in one performance domain from the others within the full scope of program management work. 1. Performance Domains Definition Definitions of the Program Management Performance Domains are as follows: Program Strategy Alignment—Performance domain … Read more

Introduction to Program Management

The Standard for Program Management provides guidance on the principles of program management. I’m reading the fourth edition. It provides generally accepted definitions of programs and program management and concepts important to their success—program management performance domains, the program life cycle, and important program management principles, practices, and activities. Purpose of the standard for program … Read more

Benefits management in programs

I started to work with MSP principles some while ago. This weeks I’m defining a Transformation and Transition program for an outsourcing contract and I had the opportunity to review the benefits management concepts and drive the projects in scope through a clear direction into the business needs.

Integrated Master Plan

This post is very useful to have a methodology at the time of creating an Integrated Master Plan (IMP). The role of the Integrated Master Plan is to provide the Strategy for the successful completion of the program. If you are working on an Integrated Master Plan, read it! thanks Glen!

JAD workshops

Joint application design (JAD) is a process used in the life cycle area of the dynamic systems development method (DSDM) to collect business requirements while developing new information systems for a company. When I started working all you did was to see the business user or the customer and gather requirements, then figure out how … Read more