Program Activities

Program activities are tasks and work conducted to support a program and which contribute throughout the program life cycle.

The program activities that support program management and governance include:

  • Program Change Management,
  • Program Communications Management,
  • Program Financial Management,
  • Program Information Management,
  • Program Procurement Management,
  • Program Quality Management,
  • Program Resource Management,
  • Program Risk Management,
  • Program Schedule Management, and
  • Program Scope Management.

The program activities enable a strategic approach to planning, monitoring and controlling, and delivering program outputs and benefits. Program management supporting activities require coordination with functional groups in the organization— but in a broader context than similar activities supporting a single project.

Program governance

The program governance is explained briefly in the chapter 8 of Strategic Program Management fourth edition. I have created this diagram as summary of the different isolated diagrams published in the book.

Program activities

I have created a map very similar to the one that is shown in the chapter 7 that summarizes the core and supporting activities.

Interestingly, there is not any section that talks about program integration (the only core activity).

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  1. Great stuff, thanks. Being a PgMP aspirant Just keen to know whether this still holds good with SPM current version (4th edition)


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