What a customer looks for?

Suddenly I’m your customer, what am I looking for?

  • You are prepared: do you know your/my industry, you know the business processes, what is/isn’t valuable for us, our priorities, our business initiatives.
  • You know my company: who we are, how we approve/reject projects, where we are investing, who is who.
  • You demonstrate initiative: Be proactive studying our business initiatives, ask for priorities, call when something fail.
  • You demonstrate special initiative on me: what I need to work on, what is my work-style, what is important for me.
  • You make me feel comfortable: give me time to think, do not pressure me, understand if I’m fine or Today is not my best day,
  • You provide ideas and suggestions: think about alternatives and explain them using different points of view, look for win to win approaches.
  • You provide evidences for your assertions: data, evidences that I can use to justify initiatives and business cases.
  • Give options: if you come with a problem, give me some alternatives.
  • Add value to your relationship
  • Predict my objections: you should know perfectly what I do not like to listen.

In all these points are individual aspects that you have to take into account in a holistic way, and at this point, at least in my honest opinion, this depends on the emotional intelligence of each individual.

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