Lessons learned, SAP Technical upgrade assessment

This assessment has been a very accurate exercise for defining the right approach for the technical upgrade, the reasons?

  • Our customer wants to save money on the project.
  • They want to understand how much can be saved in terms of infrastructure investment.
  • They want to fit the solution with their SAP environment, looking for potential conflicts they could have.

Lessons learned

  • Work in advance with the supporting tools that potentially you can use for a work such this. Automation tools is a competitive advantage.
  • 7 weeks is enough in terms of effort, but not in terms of real weeks. To have a team on the account that they can complete their weeks with other activities made possible to do not be over budget.
  • The number of meetings we handled has been huge, and initially were considered excessive. At the end, all these communications and alignment have contributed to have a common understanding between the line of services and the different customer departments.
  • The analysis done for the UAT has been exhaustive, we have defined a detailed plan for the UAT, with the involvement of so much people. The expected result is that the individual involvement of the organization on the test activities will be reduced to the activities they use to work in a daily basis: you test what you do in a daily basis, no more.
  • Lines of communications is very large if you see the project size. There are so much HR departments involved and so much countries. A good stake-holders analysis has helped us to organize the project plan properly and understand the great effort we have to invest on communications.
  • Infrastructure approach definition was done in a quick way due to the right involvement of the right people in the early definition approach of the solution and the great experience and alignment of the team.
  • This project has a high visibility in the organization, and this means a lot of stress, but also has a positive consequence; when you require to have the things done: I need this approved for this project…done.

I’m sure there are more things to take into account, so if you know one, please let me know!!

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