Changing the direction of the trend

We finished the year with less revenue than budgeted. These are not good news but the positive evolution in terms of new deals and recently signed contracts is doing the behaviour to be better for this first half of the year than expected (or budgeted if you want).

There are some basic reasons:

  • We are visiting our customer more and just limiting to listen their problems.
  • We are not going to all opportunities. This is being annoying for our customer.
  • We have meetings with people with budget, and take coffee with people with influence; no others.
  • We are talking more risks in the sense of betting for some solutions approach and defending them.
  • Everyone has a list of priorities with must wins.
  • Their problems are our problems.

This is starting, and there will be bad periods during this year; but this is a change in the way to direct the things.

Let’s see how it works.

(Marismas de Puerto Real, Cádiz. Diciembre 2011)

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