The art of waiting

You plan things, work hard during months and suddenly after a while an opportunity appears, a train you don’t want to lose. Reach this point you do your bet and then you have to wait, some days, some weeks, some months.

During the decision making process for this deal, that affects personally to you, there are different emotional stages:

  1. Happiness: an euphoric feeling that makes you think: you played hard and smart and now you did the last move. You cannot do more, just wait.
  2. Calm: you cannot do anything, and you start thinking on the next moves for this chess game. You know things require time and you feel comfortable waiting.
  3. Worried: well, you accept to wait for some time, but now you have the feeling that this waiting time is being finished. You start the first sings of frustration and you are not happy with these feelings.
  4. Frustrated: It’s late, the waiting period is gone. something that should be easy has become a problem and you have to react to the situation.
  5. Positive resolution: you jump to happiness and calm, the wait is gone and you walk again.
  6. Negative resolution: Sad, frustration, resignation, a stop in the road, the need to change to a no desired direction but with the enough rage to do it because the present status quo is not valid for you.

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