NBA value chain map

This is the first draft of an idea that is growing up in my mind, and it’s to combine the Wardley Maps with the NBA. The NBA as organization is very rich, in so many aspects and it’s making a lot of continuous adjustments to evolve and be a competitive platform for the teams. It’s … Read more

SpaceX, Elon Musk and Wardley Maps

I have seen these 3 videos of the Starbase tour with Elon Musk. Here video #1: The reason was Pablo Bermejo pointed me to a specific sequence: this one in video #2, where he pointed to the PST model (Pioneer, Settlers and Town Planners model from gameplays proposed by Wardley Maps). So after watching … Read more

Organised Services Operating Model (OSOM)

The Organised Services Operating Model (OSOM) is a template operating model to help organisations adopt a service-based approach. More information here: and here: For questions related to that, you can be in touch with Steve Purkis: You can use it in any context, It uses Wardley Maps. It digs into the operational … Read more

Kirton Adaptation-Innovation Theory

In Wardley Maps we have Pioneers, settlers and town planners model, where it’s recognized the need of having people organized not only by their capabilities, but by their attitudes too. Looking for other stuff, I just found the the Kirton Adaptation-Innovation Theory where there are 3 attitudes identified: innovators, bridges and adaptors. Main point is: … Read more