Discover the motivations that each member of the team has with respect the team, him/her self, the company… is a complex process that takes time.

With some of the people is easier than others but nevertheless when you think that you know somebody, suddenly you can note you are wrong.

After these 4 months working in this new position, I have tried to invest a lot of time with the new team, but is not enough.

At team level we have some issues I have to delegate to other team members in order to launch these initiatives. Some of these initiatives are easy to assign but other takes more time or that the person really wants to get it.

There has been one of the assignments that I would not assign directly because it was not so much motivating, but there was a person who fits very well in that initiative. Finnally, after a month the person came to me telling “…I think I can be the best one with this issue…”

I have a delay in the execution of this initiative (it’s something I can handle), but now I have the right person with the right motivation to do it.

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