Collaboration: a devaluated word

If you have some special knowledge the common sense says that this is something you should share with your colleagues in order to help them on their work, delivery or whatever they do.

That’s fine, but do not overload these clever guys doing your work. If you want to “collaborate” with them, provide a project code or something that you can exchange with them and they see the value of real collaboration.

Collaboration is a process of unselfish help between people where you help me today and I help you tomorrow.

I have seen people “devaluating” the value of the word “collaboration” and after some time, this person is alone without people who want to “collaborate”.

This is not something new, it has happened along the complete history of the world. But I want to emphasize this fact on our work environment: a place where you have web 2.0 collaboration tools and people who use them to evade their responsibilities.

The strange thing is that some people fall into the trap. The collaboration tool clouds their minds and they agree to do some things that if you talk or call them they would never accept.

There is not sincerity on some of these uses that people want to enable on these tools, but that’s life, isn’t it?

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