Taking care of my career

All of us have to take care of our professional careers.

Frequently I am asking myself what should be the next thing I would like to do?, is the current role I perform the right one at medium/long term?, Which skills do I need to have the opportunity for a desired role?

Invested time by area of expertise.

joapen-invested-timeIn 2010 I started this picture. I have used it for different reasons: send to management for applying to positions, share with HR, annual reviews with my boss… and for thinking about where I go.

To all people I sent it, by the way not too much, they appreciate how clear is the progression and the direction of my career. And they always ask about what happens in 2007.

On the right side of this picture there is a wish list of potential roles, activities, type of projects and other professional ambitions I would like to put in place.

The second main metric I started to do was this one: # hours invested in courses.

This only include formal courses with a certificate, nothing related to personal reading/learning or any other activity.

This keeps me focused to plan new training activities related to the roles/initiatives I would like to be engaged.

joapen-hours-courses-2014The third thing I also have is the parachute diagram from Which color is your parachute. This is a powerful diagram that I recommend.

Do you have any recommendation?

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