Shark tank for project management

Five successful business people in the same room with a video camera, entrepreneurs with their projects come in and face the challenge to convince with its project and get a deal with some of

Exposure, this is the first thought that came to my mind the first time I watched this show. You take your personal project and your credibility and you put there in front of these guys who play to try dismantle your small sand castle.

This is not enough, in the country of the merchandising combined with the new era media consumption, tonnes of content is being created, ways to meet a “shark”, etc. Everything to capitalize the value of their core business.There are a lot of intelligence behind the business tips and directions proposed by these guys, offered for free on the TV, Podcasts, videos….

My imagination takes me to the immediate idea: why do not to do a similar show with project management?. I now “sequels were never good”.

Anyway, imagine five successful project managers evaluating a set of projects every… two weeks?, reviewing major advances, issues, decisions, metrics (behind the schedule, EAC…), challenging to the PM to make decisions and evaluating as a Delivery Assurance on TV.

We just need a name for the TV show 🙂

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