A mobile Application for avoiding orthographic errors

Orthographic errors are more and more usual. I see them everywhere, specially in social places (Facebook, twitter, Whats-app…). If you add that the person is using the mobile phone, then, the orthographic fault is certainly common.

Turn actions into games is a proven tactic to promote habits. So I imagine an application installed your mobile, with the following behavior:

  • You can activate on certain applications of your son, for instance whats-app.
  • There is an enable / disable code to avoid this is disabled by the kid.
  • If the user writes in the right way, the application gives bonuses to the behavior: reward in terms of time (10 seconds).
  • If the user writes with faults, there is a penalty to the user.
  • Once the user commits 5 faults, the application (in this example: Whats-app) is blocked for 5 minutes, minus the bonuses you accumulated (for instance 5 minutes – 2 bonuses of 10 seconds = 4 minutes and 40 seconds).
  • To reinforce knowledge, during the penalty time, the user can play to a simple quiz, that gives rewards of 3 seconds.
  • After the blockage, you can continue using the application.

Probably this application or a similar one exist!!!!

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