Walterfall Vs Agile

And vice verse, because in some software areas Agile is becoming the primary methodology to build applications and pieces of software, because the cycle of delivery of versions is shorter and shorter and short cycles of delivery is what the market is demanding.


They are different things itself, so we can do thousand of lists about what is good about one and better than the other. To me both are required and to know them well is a necessary skill all people related to the industry should have. This is being key in terms of maturity of the organizations and their capacity to deliver within the standards. Some years ago a software developer was required to understand all patterns, now they also have to be skilled on Scrum, agile….

For IT Start-ups agile is in their DNA, after a week attending events organized for start-ups, they do not pay any attention to agile, they assume is the way to execute, it’s assumed as a basic things as the breath.

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