Six Sigma projects and professional exposure

Everybody recognizes the sales people has a lot of exposure with regards to their stability as a employees: If you don’t sell, you don’t get your bonus. If you don’t sell consistently, you are fired.

A person leading a Six Sigma project where the target is to save some millions dollars for the organization has the same pressure: If the program does not return the expected savings, you will be asked why, if the arguments and barriers you faced are not consistent, you are fired.

What is the value of a Senior Six Sigma project Manager in the market?

  • If a Six Sigma project saves 10m$ for the company, these 10m$ goes to the OI of the balance.
  • If a sales team sells 100m$ at 10% OI, 10m$ goes to the OI of the balance.

The value in the market is different, and I think this is basically because sales people sell themselves better than other people.

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