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One of the best things when you visit customers is that sometimes you have the opportunity to talk with them about things from different perspective, you just start making a comment about something related to business in the same way you do a comment about the weather, and suddenly the other reply you with a very good story.

Last week I had a good moment like this.

This client works in a department where her team provides IT services for the business. Nothing new. Some weeks ago they were defining the strategy for next couple of years. All core people of the department were attending these workshops.

After the workshops they returned to their own office and one of the IT members did a comment complaining about the lost time during the sessions, where the business was doing their job and they could be programming instead of being listening these people.

The person doing the comment is supposed to be one of the best performers on his duties, but after some explanations about the reasons because he was there he did not understood that he was there to think about the problems of the department, provide ideas and listen about the rejected ideas to take them into account if some doubts appear in the future.

The synergy of the people with different duties, the understanding of the problems of the others, to be aware that the success of the department is due to each individual contribution and the cohesion between their members.

Unfortunately there is still too many people that thinks that this is to make the work of the others.

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