Notifiership (it’s like a virus)

In some environments, notifiership has replaced leadership. There are people who only takes the problems and then distribute to team without helping and encouraging the issues they are leading in the project.

I have seen this phenomenom recently. The assignment of a team member to a project, where the project manager did not explain his expectations, objectives… about the position the team member was getting. It was a project leader position with some grades of independency.

After some days we adviced the project manager to explain our guy his objectives, expectations and other items to him. Nevertheless he has continued notifying simple tasks without communicating objectives, expectations, rules of engagement…

Now, and after 3 months, the project manager complaints about how this guy is working. 🙂 His words were things like “…he is not reaching the business objectves…”.

Have you explained him?….

Je je, he was counting beans and now we are involved in a lack of communications problem that is compromising the capacity of the team member.

So now, I’m reviewing meeting minutes and mails to explain our position about this issue.

This kind of things and like virus with different ways of expression.

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