Building collaboration: second try.

First try; I used the formal channel of communications available for the center in order to foster the relationship between the team members and try each one know the initiatives launched by the others.

The problem was easy, people cannot enter new documentation and there is not way to perform real collaboration between people.

We are also taking a monthly meeting to review issues happened during the month and this is being positive from the point of view that the people comment things and ones listen the others… but it’s not enough.

Second try; we are going to use another tool that is initially implemented as a pilot for collaboration and communication. The use of the tool is very easy; in addition it has all the typical component of the social networks that foster the ability to share information.

Apart of the technical advances of this tool, the important one for me is that this type of channel is accepted by the people and everybody like it.

Let’s see if it works.

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