Trading view pros and cons

I have been testing Tradingview for a month, doing different scripts with Pine editor and performing some backtesting annotating results, and writing assumptions, parameters…

What is really nice

  • Data from whatever market you can think.
  • You can jump from one value to other, you can visually navigate at all levels with a very good time response. The way to draw and play with standard shapes is quite impresive.
  • Pine editor is really nice, the learning curve is very short and with few hours of learning you can build thousand of things.
  • The community of people sharing ideas, scripts is very useful.
  • Timing indicator adjusted to the interval you want. For instace you can define intervals as 7 minutes, 33 minutes and so on.

What I miss

  • Pine editor should enable to package functions and enable you to play with a function with different parameters in an automated way. For instace to scan the best use of parameters.
  • Pine editor should enable you to plot outside of the main screen. The context is always the value you have in the screen, I would like to have the possibility to plot outside of that context. For instace do a simple code that scans the best use of parameters on my strategy.
  • Strategy tester: the list of trades, I can only read it, I cannot work on that data (for instance to export to excel), so the analysis of results is difficult and it’s very tedious work.
  • I cannot use other values as input for my strategies. For instance, I would like to use one value of the oil industry as input to define a signal for trading a chemical company. On Pine editor I can only work with data from the current

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