The basis

Etherium platform for enabling the trading of sport players rights.

There are different solutions explained in the white paper, the more interesting one to me is the solution for Athletes:

GLOBATALENT will allow young players to sell part of their future incomes without having to have an everlasting mortgage on their life.

The other brilliant alternative is the engagement offered to the funs:

Fans will be able to buy future benefits of the club that
they support and at the same time are able to make
investments and receive profits.

This part of the business does not exist at this moment, so there are no numbers about the volume. The potential is huge, the sport bets are very popular right now, imagine to bet not on a specific game but around young players or consolidated players that offer part of their rights to the supporters, so they can long and short a percentage of these rights through their own tokens (Can you imagine to have a GlobaPlayerLebronJames token?).

Other revenue thread I see can come from the people who has been playing to sport games since years, there are people that play to these virtual games trading players in a season, doing a wolrdwide competition, etc. So well, in 2019 they can do it live, with real money.

Lauch calendar

  • Private Pre-Sale: before the Public Sale.
  • Primary Crowd Sale: from 16th April, 2018 to 06th May, 2018.
  • Partner on-boarding: April – June 2018
  • Platform release: October – December 2018.

Some numbers

The investment target is 42m€

The table below shows the sports market revenue.

The total spending on transfer fees by year is a key element for Globatalent. Imagine they are able to manage a 2% of 5B$. This will mean at 3% fee that the revenue would be 3m$.


  • GLOBATALENT Tokens (GBT) being security tokens will be limited to users who are accredited investors.
  • GlobaPlayer Tokens: Each player will have their own custom token.


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