Bitcoin and Litecoin are the global leaders in cryptocurrency, both are powered by similar technologies with the exception that Litecoin is a modified, more efficient version of Bitcoin focused on retail applications. Litecoin, as a result, is both cheaper and faster to transfer than Bitcoin but unfortunately may not be as universally accepted as Bitcoin.

Some advantages with respect Bitcoin:

  1. Faster transaction confirmation time (4x faster than BTC)
  2. Increased storage efficiency due to scrypt usage in LTC proof-of-work algorithm
  3. More coins to reward miners (84mn to be distributed total compared to 21mn BTC).

Litecoin is one of the more popular coins. They stay in the top 5 cryto currencies but during these last weeks the news about LitePay are not helping to the project (March 2018).


LitePay was announced to be released around the end of February 2018.

Then it was rescheduled for launching at the beginning of March 2018.

Now the launch has been postponed without defined date.


Another payment solution for Bitcoin and Litecoin with a roadmap, that I want to follow up how they deliver.

  • Payment infrastructure ready: 1/May/2018
  • Platform, meet payments: 10/May/2018
  • Developer API release: 17/May/2018
  • Series 1 – Integration: 30/May/2018
  • Series 2 – Integration: 25/June/2018


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