Etherium Maturity

This week I noticed 2 things:

Maturity of the ecosystem

I acquired the habit of checking the market capital volume of the 100 top cryptocurrencies. Doing it, I notice how the lifecycle of the currencies are happening. Some new births and some of them that are gone.

I have also checked some ICOs, reading the white papers, trying to understand who is behind them, if they are achieving the calendar communicated, etc.

In the road to reach the mainstream adoption of etherium, I guess there are still so many steps the environment has to take.

Official Etheirum App Store

Right now, there are some places where you can track some number of distributed applications based on Etherium. For instance: dappradar and state of the Dapps.

But they are not an official Store with some quality criteria that ensures some basis is still not there.

Apple, Google, Facebook “app stores”

If you try to publish an application on the Apple Store (that right now to me is the more high quality level one) you will notice that there are so many things that cannot be done with the purpose of protecting the end user.

Google restrictions is also high, but Facebook ones lack of control on some of the data that an application can retrieve from an end user.

What’s happening now?

Right now there are so many gambling games, pyramid schemes, and exchanges places that does not help to mainstream adoption.

Who will be able to drive the situation to the existence of an “official DApp store”?

Etherium is evolving as an ecosystem and the number of early adopters cannot be ignored.


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