Workday HCM implementation

Read IT projects related to public organizations is useful, the fact that they are public makes that they are a little bit more transparent than private companies. In some cases they add interesting data related to the projects that are a little bit complex to find. In this case the high-level implementation project for an … Read more


I found this SaaS company, and watching their videos, I wanted to dig into more details. They are in the “Marketing Resource Management” magic quadrant. Clear pricing tables. Task management, resource management, capacity management, Gantt charts, agile project management, workflow automation… The solution looks for the major productivity at all levels: in the requirement, design, … Read more

Kick-off meeting, a day to rest

Today we conducted the kick-off meeting for a project. This SAP technical upgrade starts next week after an assessment process and the feeling has been: how beautiful calm we have experienced Today in comparison with the assessment process, where the stress was present in almost all the areas of evaluation. Will do have a please … Read more

Lessons learned, SAP Technical upgrade assessment

This assessment has been a very accurate exercise for defining the right approach for the technical upgrade, the reasons? Our customer wants to save money on the project. They want to understand how much can be saved in terms of infrastructure investment. They want to fit the solution with their SAP environment, looking for potential … Read more

Licence to Operate for project management

License to operate is a quality mechanism for improving aspects such driving, performance, delivery… I have seen these LTO rules in aeronautic industry, where the #hours, people and effort is huge and where the Cost of lack of quality is high. They have training courses to reinforce knowledge (earning points); people losing the license have … Read more

FEL phase, assessment exercise, project initiation

Some ones call it project initiation, some others assessment exercise or project, some others FEL phase. In any case it’s related to the study, analysis of a business initiative that wants to be translated to IT activities, organizational actions, investment with the purpose of obtaining business value. Since 2 years ago I have been hardly … Read more

Test Strategy

I have been doing a test strategy (or test plan) document for a project. It has been a funny exercise to help the project manager to do it. I like project management activities and take care of things like this now that I do not manage projects officially is something that makes me be happy. … Read more